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Renewing your MIND

Restoring your SOUL

and Rebalancing your BODY

To Create Inner Peace and Total Wellness,



My Story

Hi lovely peoples!

I’m Melita Mickan, an Holistic Wellness Coach living in sunny Queensland, Australia!

As a solar Libran, lunar Aquarian, and Sagittarius rising (this actually explains a lot!); an avid DIYer, and a lover of nature and the universe I am always ready to embark upon a new exciting adventures.

I have had dreams and goals unfulfilled, I’ve struggled with low self-esteem and self-confidence, depression, anxiety and chronic stress…

But I RENEWED my mind, found ways to RESTORE my soul, and am continually striving to REBALANCE my body with key strategies, natural medicine, a lot of self-analysis and self-care.

Over many years I have retrained my brain to think differently than it used to. This has allowed me to almost completely eliminate stress from my life. At the very least, I have reduced how stress effects me and for how long.

So, if you feel like you have no idea how to stop stress ruining your days and are willing to change the way you think, I CAN HELP YOU!  

For more on my journey from Stressed to Serenity

(ok, that’s a bit of an overstatement – I’m no saint! Click the link below for the more of my story…)


Holistic Wellness Coaching

WellEssence ~ wellness to the core of your being.

Holistic ~ the fundemental interconnectedness of your mind, soul and body.

Health ~ complete mental, spiritual, physical and social well-being.

Not just another Wellness Coaching service…

Unlike other Wellness Coaches, I am also a qualified Naturopath.

Unlike other Naturopaths who are Life Coaches, I don’t offer separate services.

That’s why I’m HOLISTIC

  • I coach you towards a healthy mind so that you can handle the many stresses of modern living
  • which will generate peace in your soul to enable calm responses to anything life throws at you
  • and I treat your body with natural therapies so that the body and mind are working in harmony.

Because I believe all 3 are fundementally interconnected – the dysfunction of one affects the functions of the others so that you, and your whole life, ends up in a state of IMBALANCE. That’s why we experience so much stress and anxiety in our lives! 

But that’s not all!

We will assess

  • your intimate relationships
  • your family relationships
  • your social relationships
  • and your work relationships

…because they may also have a significant impact on the amount of stress experienced. Often we have people in our lives who contribute to our stress and anxiety, even though we can’t change how they treat us, we can change how we respond to them.

Learning to deal with challenging people and circumstances is a difficult process to tackle on your own (Been there. Done that. Wish I’d had a coach to help me through it.) – but as your coach, I can offer guidance, suggestions, encouragement and support so we can work it all out together.

1 step forward 2 steps back…

If you are anything like me (having a strong desire to be the best person you can be), you’ve probably read many self-help books; watched videos, YouTube clips or TED talks on personal development topics and/or you’ve been to counsellors or talked to friends, family, and maybe even religious leaders about your problems – which have all helped some but you’ve found there’s too much talking and the advice you’re getting is well-meaning but often unproductive.

It’s frustrating because your progress is so slooow. And you seem to be encountering the same types of issues over, and over agian! 

Well let me tell you, I have been there!

It took me 6 years of studying, talk therapy with various professionals and lots of trial, error, pain and suffering to get me to where I am today!

I didn’t even know what a life coach was back then but I’m confident that if I had hired one it would have taken me much less time to see the results that I desperately needed. [if you’ve read My Story you’ll know what I’m talking about]

Swimming upstream is hard work!

I was stuck in a cycle of negative thinking that led to me being unable to take actions that would bring success and happiness.

It really was like swimming upstream. I’d make progress then have an anxiety attack, or fall into depression. Often I felt as if I was just not moving forward at all!

Yet, I persisted in hope that my future would be better. I stubbornly refused to believe that I was going to be stuck in this cycle forever and I researched, read and revised all the available ways I could change my mindset, change my habits, change my entire way of thinking!

It’s not all in your head…

This merry-go-round-the-mountain process is so frustrating. But I have found the key to breaking the cycle!

Doctors and psychiatrists deal out pills to change the chemicals in your brain to make you feel better. There is nothing wrong with this approach. I have used anti-depressants myself when I was diagnosed with post-natal and hormone-driven depression.

Yet these interventions have unwanted  side-effects (such as negative changes in sex drive among others) and are only ever meant as a short term solution. Yes, they work well in most cases – mine was a success – but what if there was effective, natural alternatives to restore the way our brain manages our feel-good chemicals?

Well, there is!

My Coaching Style…

Depending on what works best for you, a combination of

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Solution-focused Therapy

But they’re just the approaches I use to assist and guide you towards your personal goals. My style is easy going, inclusive and collaborative  – we are a team that works together to find the best solutions that truly work for you!

Natural Therapies I Use…

  • Herbal medicine either in liquid formulation or tablets/capsules
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Dietary changes
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Referrals to other practitioners for recommended assessments/ treatments

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